Attractions in Pobierowo and its surroundings


In Pobierowo there are

Many stalls with regional souvenirs,


charming pubs,


events organized on the beach, etc.



You will also find excellent conditions for water sports in Pobierowo.

An additional attraction is the proximity of the sports center, which consists of: basketball courts, football, tennis courts and for lovers of roller skating, skateboards and bikes SKATEPARK.

You can also take a walk along the sea shore to the ruins of the church on the cliff shore in Trzęsacz, where there is a newly built pier.

In Pustków you can stand under a replica of the Giewont cross which can be seen from the sea.

In Niechorze we will find an opportunity to admire the views from the lighthouse.

In the morning from Gryfic, the narrow-gauge railway Choo-choo-Retro-Expres leaves, which runs all day long by coastal towns.


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